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We’re a diverse network of education and social justice field leaders from 150 organizations and 19 foundations.

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In 2012, at a meeting of the Education Funders Strategy Group an inquiry was made:

Were other funders thinking about how a different set of guiding values might lead to a different set of educational policies that would help grow and support “New Models” of learning? How can funders show up in different education spaces, wanting to honoring different contexts and communities. How can we be real about the ways the system needs to update and change?

Conversation led to clarity: The dominant narrative about education was flawed and we needed a better way to articulate a powerful vision for the future of learning. We needed more power in the field to overcome the siloed nature of 1,000 different efforts. We needed an affirmative vision to bring people together.

Movement Strategy Center supported development of a long-term strategy to build field alignment among organizations and like-minded efforts with shared values and a common agenda. The core proposition was that field and funders need to pivot and partner shoulder-to-shoulder, informed by the RE-AMP network model to fundamentally change how people relate to and strategize with each other through the practice of partnership. How we move together is as critical to who we are as what we’re moving towards.

The Partnership for the Future of Learning (the Partnership) is now composed of 18 foundations and ~100 networks, organizations, districts, and institutions. Our network exists exists to protect and strengthen public education for more meaningful and equitable future of learning. For all of us.

The National Public Education Support Fund (NPESF) is the organizational and fiduciary home to the Partnership for the Future of Learning. NPESF is a hub for convening and connecting influential leaders in education philanthropy, advocacy, research, policy, and practice.

Partnership Ambassadors

The following partners are spokespeople, scholars, influencers, and storytellers who you can request for public-facing opportunities such as media inquiries, interviews, speeches, panels, and written pieces.

Evelyn Aissa

Executive Director Reaching Higher New Hampshire BIO
Cassandra Baptiste portrait

Cassandra Baptiste

Instructional Coach NYC Department of Education BIO
Saa’un Bell portrait

Saa’un Bell

Strategy Director Californians for Justice BIO
Keith Catone

Keith Catone

Executive Director Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education BIO
Sam Chaltain

Sam Chaltain

Chief Storyteller 180 Studio BIO
Sunanna Chand

Sunanna Chand

Director Remake Learning BIO
Julia Daniel

Julia Daniel

Graduate Student Researcher National Education Policy Center BIO

Ann E. Dealy

Principal Brookside School, Ossining Union Free School District BIO
Marshé Doss

Marshé Eunique Doss

Recent graduate from Dorsey High School, Los Angeles Organizer, Students Deserve BIO

Cyrus Driver

Senior Director of Strategy and Program NPESF and the Partnership for the Future of Learning BIO
Roberta Furger

Roberta Furger

Senior Writer | Director of Storytelling Learning Policy Institute BIO
Paloma Garcia

Paloma Garcia

Director of Communications NYU Metro Center BIO

Frank L. Gettridge, EdD

Executive Director National Public Education Support Fund BIO
Neha Singh Gohil

Neha Singh Gohil

Communications Officer in Education William and Flora Hewlett Foundation BIO
Richard Gray

Richard Gray

Deputy Director of Community Organizing and Engagement and School Transformation Programs NYU Metro Center BIO

Maya Green

Arts Magnet High School, South Carolina Student Body President BIO
Preston Green

Preston Green III

Professor of Educational Leadership and Law University of Connecticut BIO
Jacqueline “Jay Cali” Jackson

Jacqueline “Jay Cali” Jackson

Education / Communication Consultant Former NYC DOE Special Education Instructor BIO

Dr. Reuben Jacobson

Director, Education Policy and Leadership American University BIO
Angelica Jongco

Angelica Jongco

Deputy Managing Attorney Public Advocates BIO
Sanaa Kahloon

Sanaa Kahloon

Student & Journalism Fellow Alumnus Student Voice BIO
Anna Maier

Anna Maier

Research Analyst and Policy Advisor Learning Policy Institute BIO
Jillian McRae

Jillian McRae

English Teacher (specializing in Sociology, race, class, & gender) / Instructional Coach Ossining High School BIO
Scott Nine

Scott Nine

Assistant Superintendent Office of Education Innovation and Improvement at Oregon Department of Education BIO
Sam North

Sam North

History Teacher/School Board Trustee (specializing in issues of race, class, and gender; educational equity; and criminal justice reform) Ossining High School BIO
Rosalie Reyes

Rosalie Reyes

Coordinator of Teacher Engagement and Professional Development Teaching for Change BIO

Irv Richardson

Coordinator for Public Education and School Support NEA-New Hampshire BIO
Chris Saldaña

Chris Saldaña

Doctoral Student Researcher University of Colorado - Boulder School of Education & National Education Policy Center BIO
Kyle Serrette

Kyle Serrette

Senior Policy Analyst National Education Association BIO
Kevin Welner

Kevin Welner

Professor of Education, University of Colorado - Boulder School of Education Director, National Education Policy Center BIO
Tonya Winters-Buford

Tonya Winters-Buford

Family Engagement Liaison & Parent DeKalb County School District BIO
Carolyn Wood

Carolyn Wood

Board President / Advocacy and Legislative Services Public Education Matters GA BIO
Natalie M. Zwerger

Natalie M. Zwerger

Director NYU Center for Strategic Solutions BIO

Media Inquiries

Please tell us more about your request, including which ambassador/s that best fit the inquiry.

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2020 Steering Committee Members

  • Shaun Adamec, Adamec Communications
  • Evelyn Aissa, Reaching Higher New Hampshire
  • Saa’un Bell, Californians for Justice
  • Daaiyah Bilal-Threats, NEA
  • Renee Blahuta, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Keron Blair, Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools
  • Vivian Chang, Sandler Foundation
  • Linda Darling-Hammond, Learning Policy Institute
  • Nick Donohue, Nellie Mae Education Foundation
  • Cyrus Driver, National Public Education Support Fund
  • Roberta Furger, Learning Policy Institute
  • Frank Gettridge, National Public Education Support Fund
  • Jaime Koppel, Communities for Just Schools Fund
  • David Rattray, Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Kwesi Rollins, Institute for Educational Leadership
  • Kyle Serrette, National Education Association
  • Warren Simmons, National Education Policy Center
  • Gloria Totten, Public Leadership Institute
  • Khalif Williams, Bay and Paul Foundations

A Snapshot of the Partnership

Below are partners who opted in to being listed on our website. We’re growing and gathering even as you read this.

  • Albert Sykes and Dana Bennis, IDEA: Institute for Democratic Education in America
  • Deborah J. Menkart and Rosalie Reyes, Teaching for Change
  • Liz Leberman, New Profit
  • Nicholas C. Donohue, Nellie Mae Education Foundation
  • Charlie Toulmin, Nellie Mae Education Foundation
  • Monica Snellings and Kelly Young, Education Reimagined
  • Pam Moran, Virginia School Consortium for Learning
  • Sunanna Chand, Remake Learning
  • Renee Blahuta, Program Officer, W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Gloria Totten, Public Leadership Institute
  • Evelyn Aissa, Reaching Higher NH
  • Janet Kishbaugh and Carolyn Wood, Georgia Coalition for Public Education; Public Education Matters Georgia
  • Roberta Furger, Amber Hu, Barbara McKenna, and Sara Robertson, Learning Policy Institute
  • David Rattray, LA Chamber / UNITE-LA
  • Gene Wilhoit, Center for Innovation in Education
  • Deborah S. Delisle and Jason Amos, Alliance for Excellent Education
  • Keith Catone, Center for Youth & Community Leadership in Education (CYCLE)
  • Dr. Paul Rogers, Ashoka
  • Eric Braxton, Funders’ Collaborative on Youth Organizing
  • Scott Hartl, EL Education
  • Karen DeMoss, Prepared To Teach, Bank Street College
  • Jonas Barriere , UnifiEd
  • Zakiya Sankara-Jabar, Dignity in Schools Campaign
  • Marla Ucelli-Kashyap, AFT
  • Susan Zeig, Producer, Community Concern Films//Chair, Dept of Communications and Film, LIU Post
  • Shelly Masur, CDE Foundation
  • John Affeldt, Angelica Jongco, Isabel Alegria, and Duc Luu, Public Advocates
  • Jaribu Lee and Jitu Brown, Journey for Justice Alliance
  • Warren Simmons, Kevin Welner, Michelle Renée Valladares, Matthew Garcia, National Education Policy Center, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Jeff Bryant, Freelance Writer and Advocacy Journalist
  • Jo Anderson, Jr., Co-Executive Director, Consortium for Educational Change (CEC)
  • RE Katz, Illinois State Board of Education
  • Jon Snyder, Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education
  • Ellen Hume-Howard, New Hampshire Learning Initiative
  • Keron Blair, Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools
  • Chris Jackson, Big Picture Learning
  • S. Kwesi Rollins, Institute for Educational Leadership
  • José Muñoz, Coalition for Community Schools, Institute for Educational Leadership
  • Kyle Serrette and Daaiyah Bilal-Threats, National Education Association
  • Autumn Blanchard, Southern Education Foundation
  • Richard Gray and Paloma Garcia, NYU Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools
  • Dr. Robin D. Cooper, Just S’UNO, LLC
  • Saa’un Bell, Californians for Justice
  • Nick Johnson, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities
  • Danny Carlson, National Association of Elementary School Principals
  • Roberto Rodriguez, Teach Plus

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