Evelyn Aissa

Executive Director Reaching Higher New Hampshire

Evelyn Aissa is the Executive Director of Reaching Higher New Hampshire, NH’s leading nonpartisan public education policy and community engagement resource. She is a passionate advocate for great public education and resource equity for each and every student. Evelyn has over fifteen years of experience in development, health, and education policy research and advocacy and has served on nearly as many boards and advisory councils. She holds a Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School, Tufts University. Prior to attending Fletcher, Evelyn graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Skidmore College.

Press Clippings:

State ‘full of contrasts’ is focus of conference, NH Business Review, 2018

Tom Tom panel contemplates future of education, workforce development, Charlottesville Tomorrow, 2018.

“Identifying the ‘Resilience Factor’: An Emerging Counter Narrative to the Traditional Discourse of ‘Vulnerability’ in ‘Social Suffering'”, Global Perspectives on War, Gender and Health: The Sociology and Anthropology of Suffering, 2016. (Co-author under maiden name Brensinger)

Keywords: New Hampshire, School funding, Education policy, Public education