What We Do

All students should have access to public education that offers meaningful learning and the resources they need to succeed.

A network with a deep commitment to the future of public education

Public education is the most effective and equitable way to prepare generations of youth to live well, contribute to community life, and become capable and caring citizens who participate in our evolving democracy and economy.

The Partnership for the Future of Learning brings together a diverse network of individuals and organizations with a deep commitment to an equitable, high-quality, public education system. Together, these advocates promote policies to strengthen that system and call attention to schools that have transformed what education looks like to make it relevant and available for every student.

A strong democracy depends on equal opportunity. If our education system prioritizes some students over others, it leaves a generation of young people without the opportunity to succeed. A high quality, equitable, public education system that builds the knowledge and skills students need for their future provides a level playing field for everyone. Without it, inequities in society are reflected in schools. When neighborhoods are written off, their schools suffer. When communities are ignored, students in those communities are held back. Public schools continue to be weakened by persistent inequity and racism.

We can change that.

The Partnership for the Future of Learning is here to celebrate those public schools and communities that have transformed education for all students and help them spread those practices everywhere, so public education stays public and all students have what they need to succeed.

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The Partnership promotes policies to strengthen that system and call attention to schools that have made learning meaningful, relevant, and available for every student.

  • We are developing tools and strategies to advance our Shared Policy Framework to shift policy by engaging the field both locally and nationally.
  • We are changing the narrative through shared stories that center the value of public education. Go to the Sharing Stories page to watch and share.
  • We are identifying shared system principles and capacities needed at local and state levels to design better ways to remodel public education systems on the ground.
  • We are lifting up powerful places as exemplars the change we want to see in three leading states: California, Georgia, and New Hampshire.

Our work is based on values of:

  • Deeper learning that cultivates academic competence, thinking skills, and commitment to learning and that readies young people for responsible adulthood;
  • Student-centered approaches to learning that enable educators and learners to work together through deeper, personalized, experiential learning;
  • Resources, conditions, opportunities, and measures of accomplishment that ensure equitable and inclusive education for all of the nation’s diverse young people;
  • Schools that reflect and reinforce the centrality of public education to a healthy and vibrant democracy and promote the practice of democratic skills; and
  • Systems in which knowledgeable professionals work together with parents, local community members, and policymakers with trust, respect, and shared responsibility to create and sustain schools as collaborative learning environments.