Youth Story Campaign for Deeper Learning in Public Education

Youth leaders are championing a change in how people talk about and support public education: from viewing diverse curricula as divisive to recognizing it as a cornerstone of a high quality education, and from defunding public schools towards truly valuing them as vital spaces at the heart of our communities.

youth story campaign


The Partnership for the Future of Learning and CYCLE are thrilled to unveil the  Youth Story Campaign for Deeper Learning in Public Education, co-created by a dynamic group of Youth Story Fellows. This campaign aims to contribute to a narrative shift in education by amplifying those closest to the issues we are facing in public education — students.

At the heart of this campaign are the Youth Story Fellows, a group of proactive young individuals dedicated to sharing their unique perspectives and stories in support of public education. Their leadership is instrumental in guiding the narrative toward a more inclusive and truthful representation of diversity in our public education system. 

Scheduled to start on May 20th, 2024, this campaign will be a living document where youth stories can be added for the education justice movement to share. The stories can employ various creative mediums, including op-eds, art, poetry, and social media storytelling. Youth fellows will engage with news media and share their insights, aiming to influence not only their peers but also adult stakeholders in the education system, such as school administrators, board members, and superintendents.

This story campaign is about ensuring that students have more of a say in their education and future. It recognizes the critical role of youth leadership in shaping policies and practices that are equitable, democratic, sovereign, and reflective of diverse experiences and needs. This initiative builds on the Partnership for the Future of Learning’s commitment, demonstrated in 2023 youth engagement work to champion deeper learning and equity in public schools through youth-led narratives and advocacy.

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