#WeVoteNext captures a moment when thousands of Americans gathered peacefully in the nation’s capital to “March for Our Lives” and demand an end to gun-related violence in America and investment in healthy communities and schools. Simultaneously, thousands of young people—primarily students of color—did the same in communities across the country, from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, recognizing that the issues and policies around gun violence impacts communities of color is distinct ways. Young people are demanding change.  

#WeVoteNext was captured through the eye and cameras of young people. It is a visual testament of those marchers’ efforts and a timely reminder of the historic power of youth voice—and of the role young people have played throughout history to not just participate in massive social change, but to lead it.

Everyone shares the responsibility and opportunity to heed the words, match the energy, and fulfill the commitment of America’s newest generations.

#WeVoteNext is a Shared Story collaboration directed by Manauvaskar Kublall and edited by Nenman Walbe


Keywords: Youth, Youth voice, Community organizing, Vote, Civic engagement, March for Our Lives, Gun violence

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