The Long View

A real vision for public education is most powerful when it’s based on what’s already happening in public schools. The Long View documentary goes inside Oakland, CA high schools that are advancing student­‐centered, deeper learning alongside community engagement, three key parts of the Partnership’s vision for the future of learning. 

“Through its depiction of sustained community organizing, partnerships between educators and families, and meaningful learning that is connected to students’ lives, The Long View offers a path forward. Its insights and examples will inform and inspire all those who care about the future of public education.” – Roberta Furger, Senior Writer and Director of Storytelling, Learning Policy Institute

“There is a lot of media attention paid to what is not working in public schools, but not enough to looking at what conditions create high-functioning public schools…” – Susan Zeig, Producer/Director of The Long View

A screening guide and workshop tools with clips and discussion questions are available for organizations and districts who want to do more. Watch these clips from the full documentary, and share based on your audience’s interests:

  • Students and Parents Organizing: When civic engagement in the classroom is added to community organizing, the results can be powerful and effective. Parent and student leaders were instrumental in passing Proposition 30, a tax on upper-income earners in California that brought much-needed funding to public schools.
  •  Skill-building for a Better World: Project-based lessons provide an opportunity for students to explore critical issues in their lives. In this clip from the film, student Carmen Rivera shares her senior research project that offers solutions to the proliferation of gun violence to a panel of teachers and community members.
  • Transforming Schools by Listening to People: In an attempt to provide school sites with more decision-making authority, community groups in Oakland organized to pass the district’s Shared Governance Policy. In this clip from The Long View, Oakland Community Organizations organizer Katy Nunez-Adler says, “transformation never happens at the top.”

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