Green Bronx Machine

There is a Community School in the Bronx tending to the holistic health of its students. Four stories up in a century-old school building, a group of students and teachers are modeling a whole-school approach to education rooted in health, wellness and mindfulness.  

In the heart of the South Bronx, a place in which 45,000 people live within eight square blocks of one another, an essential staple of life is in short supply—healthy, accessible food. This section of the Bronx is what can be called a “food desert”—an area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or high-quality fresh food. Food is a challenge here, a challenge that makes the rest of life that much harder, especially when you’re a child growing up without adequate nutrition.

“You put a seed in a child’s hand and you’re promising them it’s a plant. And they bet on that. So these children are betting on their future.”

Green Bronx Machine shares a vision of what’s possible when public education is modernized, when students are put at the center of learning, when communities are powerful partners with educators, and when schools are deeply rooted in local communities.

180: Green Bronx Machine is a 180 Studio production directed by Aaron Kodz.

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