CRE Stories: Seen in the Classroom

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What becomes possible when students learn from educators that share part of their cultural experience? Or when they learn curriculum that honors and sustains their distinct history?

Aaron Harris, a New York City public school teacher, is one of just four male teachers of color at a school with a predominantly Black student body. A Washington, D.C. native, Aaron shares his experiences as a teacher of color in the classroom, and how race and ethnicity inform the role educators play in their students’ lives.


A Media Sutra production

Director: Manauvaskar Kublall

Executive Producers: Richard Gray, Natalie Zwerger, Megan Amelia Hester

Editor: Nenman Walbe, Manauvaskar Kublall

Camera: Jamal Tenth, Manauvaskar Kublall

Sound Recording: Nadia Bourne

Music Production: Gerald Trotman

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