180: Dinner

14 strangers were recently invited to gather in Los Angeles – most of whom had never met – for a night of storytelling, deep listening, and wondering about the future. This short film captures some of that evening.

What happens when a  Filipino educator, a former gang member, a vietnamese chef, a grandfather, and 10 other culturally diverse personalities share stories over dinner?  It reveals insight and perspectives in a time when it seems we are encouraged to honor our differences rather that the visions that can unite us and pull us forward. Share a similar conversation with your community this season.

We are living different lives in the place we call the United States. So while you may not agree with every sentiment shared in this video, you might agree that we are better together than alone. That sort of love matters, for it reminds us that there is a role for everyone in creating a supportive community for each and every child. Dialogue is the heartbeat of deep democracy.

180: Dinner is a 180 production co-produced by Rob English and Sam Chaltain.

The Invitation: Host a Dinner

Whether you gather with family or a group of strangers, we hope you will consider sharing a meal of food and story. You can hold a Jeffersonian dinner (the model that inspired this video) or you can do it your way.

Here are a few questions to get the conversation started:

  • When and where were you when you learned best?
  • Who is the teacher in your life that had the greatest impact, and what was it that made that person so influential?
  • How did the environment you grew up in shape the way you see and make sense of the world?
  • When you imagine a better future for our country, how will public education be a part of that?

Tweet it: Community starts at the dinner table for these education advocates. There is a role we all need to play so everyone can have an equal chance. #DeeperLearning #DinnerwithStrangers #FutureforLearning https://futureforlearning.org/180-dinner

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