Ask Why – 180 Days

Why do young people attend 180 days of school each year? Why is the academic year separated by a long summer break that researchers now worry leads to“learning loss”? There are many theories, but history doesn’t bear any of them out. In fact, other than a lack of air conditioning, history tells us there isn’t a good reason at all for this schedule. So, why don’t we change it? Find out why and share.

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Education Reimagined partners with 180 Studio to continue the Ask Why video series exploring traditions in education. The series digs into why we narrowly group children by age, use grade levels as indicators of “moving up,” and more. Complementing each video, Education Reimagined’s Vice President, Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen, provides the research and history around the “why” of America’s education traditions and invites all of us to explore the possibility of something new.

How can we know when a student is learning?

One option is competency-based learning, sometimes called learning for mastery. Competencies are specific and observable learning outcomes that transcend specific subjects and get to the fundamentals of learning. Schools use competency-based learning to help students develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that are important to success in school, higher education, work, and life.

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