Stephanie Malia Krauss

Author Senior Director, JFF

Stephanie Malia Krauss is a senior director at JFF.

In that role, she helps leaders design solutions that improve the economic well-being of young people and families—especially those living in poverty. She works with national, state and local changemakers to make sure everyone has the chance to experience quality learning and work opportunities and livable lives.

Previously, as a senior fellow with the Corporation for a Skilled Workforce, the Forum for Youth Investment, and JFF, she focused on youth readiness and well-being, credentialing, competency-based education, and opportunity youth. She was also campaign director of Connecting Credentials and co-director of The Readiness Project.

Stephanie also founded and led Shearwater Education Foundation, and the first competency-based high school for disconnected youth in St. Louis.

She started her career as an elementary school teacher and soccer coach in Phoenix, Arizona.

Stephanie staffs the Economic Well-Being work group of the Youth Transition Funders Group and is involved in the CASEL Collaborating States Initiative, the AIR Competency-Based Education Research Advisory Board, and the Partnership for the Future of Learning.

She has been a guest commentator on PBS NewsHour, StoryCorps, and public radio. Her book, Making It: What Today’s Kids Need for Tomorrow’s World, will be released by Jossey-Bass/Wiley in January 2021.

Stephanie and her husband, Evan, met in social work school and have been working for social change ever since. They live in the St. Louis area with their two boys and two dogs.


Making It: What Today’s Kids Need to be Ready for Tomorrow’s World (2021)



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Presentations and Webinars

Title: COVID Recovery and the Reimagining of Schools

Year: 2020

Audience: Virginia Recovery Task Force

Title: COVID Recovery and the Reimagining of Cumberland Schools

Year: 2020

Audience: Cumberland County Schools

Title: An Equitable Economy Recovery: Youth Summer Jobs and Service

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Audience: ~7 National Funders Groups

Medium: Webinar

Title: Social Emotional Learning and Workforce Development

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Title: Connecting Social Emotional Learning and Workforce Employability Skills

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