Natalie M. Zwerger

Executive Director RE-Center Race & Equity in Education

Natalie Zwerger (she/her/ella) is a long-time educator and advocate who joined RE-Center as Executive Director in July of 2021. For two decades, she has fought for equity, racial justice, and liberatory education. As a white Puerto Rican cis-hetero, non-disabled woman with significant class privilege, she is driven by an ongoing interrogation of where folx are situated in both historical and contemporary oppressions. Her expertise includes elevating critical consciousness, dismantling systems of oppression in educational settings, and centering Black & Brown youth and youth from historically excluded identities in teaching and learning. Natalie earned a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) from Northeastern University School of Law, a master’s of Education (M.S.Ed.) from City College, and a B.A. in Sociology from Tufts University. She leads a team of practice leaders, consultants, and co-conspirators who work nationally to ensure systems operate against embedded racial injustice, white supremacy, and persistent inequity. Natalie coaches organizational leaders, Board members, superintendents, district leaders, university faculty and staff, racial equity consultants, instructional coaches, equity coaches, undergraduate and graduate students and PK- 12 educators on advancing the principles of equity and racial justice.