Mary González, PhD

Texas State Representative HD-75- El Paso County Izel Consulting

Mary González holds a doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction- Cultural Studies in Education at UT-Austin. Previously, she has worked at the National Hispanic Institute, the University of Texas at Austin, and as the Assistant Dean for Student Multicultural Affairs at Southwestern University. Most recently, Mary was awarded the “Champion for Children” title by the Equity Center, a Texas-based nonprofit organization that strives to create a more equitable public school finance system, as well as the “Leadership Award” by Equality Texas in 2019. For the past ten years, she has also served in the Texas House of Representatives as State Representative for House District 75.

Selected Press Clippings:

The Anti-CRT Movement: El Paso and Our Communities Deserve Better, Ms. Magazine, November 2021.

As Conservatives Stoke the Critical Race Theory Culture Wars, Where Is Philanthropy?, August 2021

Teacher Restrictions in Texas – A Threat to Education and Democracy?, Teacher Stories podcast, August 2021.

Author of Texas bill to ban critical race theory says Martin Luther King Jr. would approve of it, Yahoo News!, June 2021.

Rethinking Police in Schools as a Moral and Fiscal Decision, with Kathryn Wiley, Medium, November 2020.

School choice seems like a quick fix, but does more harm than good for families in the U.S., September 2020.