Marshé Doss

Marshé Eunique Doss

Recent graduate from Dorsey High School, Los Angeles Organizer, Students Deserve

Marshé Eunique Doss is a recent graduate from Dorsey High School in South Los Angeles.  She is an organizer and leader in the student-led movement #Students Deserve.  She leads the Making Black Lives Matter in Schools effort in LA which tackles the school to prison pipeline and over-policing of schools in black communities. She is a nationally recognized speaker, organizer and activist, known for Direct Actions and addressing crowds of over 50,000 people.

Press Clippings:

How Marshé Doss and Other Student Organizers are Protesting Random Weapons Searches in Los Angeles Schools, Teen Vogue, 2019.

‘This Model of Education Is Not Sustainable’, The Nation, 2019.

Striking Teachers and Students in LA Protested Outside the House of the Ex-Banker Now in Charge of the City’s Schools, Mother Jones, 2019.

LA Students Prep For A Teacher Strike Monday: ‘It’s So Much Bigger Than A Pay Raise’, NPR, 2019.

Finding Justice, Season 1 Episode 5, B.E.T. (Requires sign in.)

A ROSe in LA, 2018.

Keywords: Community schools, School safety, Public education, Racial justice, School funding

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