Karen DeMoss

Executive Director Prepared To Teach

Dr. Karen DeMoss is the Executive Director of Prepared To Teach. She has served as Professor and Chair of Education at Wagner College, director of the Institute for Urban Education (IUE) at The New School, national director for research and evaluation at New Leaders, and faculty in Educational Leadership at The University of New Mexico.

She received her PhD in education policy from the University of Chicago, where she worked for seven years at the Consortium on Chicago School Research, conducting early analyses of racially-isolated low-income schools that beat the odds. At the University of New Mexico as an assistant/associate professor of educational leadership, she led the public engagement research for the American Institutes for Research educational funding adequacy study, conducted an evaluation for the State on the implementation of new policies associated with No Child Left Behind, and led a statewide charter school study. She also served as the National Director for Knowledge Development at New Leaders for New Schools, where she was charged with building organizational learning capacities, evaluating program impact on adults’ learning, and assessing student outcomes.

Press Clippings:

Karen DeMoss, Playbook offers strategies for recruiting, retaining diverse teaching workforce, K-12 Dive, May 13, 2021.