Jennifer Kotting, PhD

Communications Strategist & Consultant Partnership for the Future of Learning

Jenni Kotting is a Communications strategist who has devoted her career to supporting narrative shift and grassroots organizing for political and cultural change. She brings more than a decade of experience in collaboratively producing strategic messaging, branding, storytelling, and innovative media through a strong racial justice lens. Jenni has often been behind the scenes in crafting compassionate and open source Communications strategies for reproductive, racial, youth, education, and birth justice movements. Her clients have included state agencies, school administrator associations, universities, non profits, philanthropies, national and global networks, legislators, and spokespeople.

Jenni defended her PhD in Cultural Geography at the University of Minnesota in 2012, and the title of her dissertation is “Baltimore’s Urban Fix: Sounds of Excess and Exclusion in Station North.”​ Her academic background inspires her commitment for social justice with a focus on amplifying the voices of those who have been silenced and whose experiences have been erased. In her early career, she served the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health (ICAH) as Communications Director supporting given and chosen families, youth-created games, and Reproductive Justice advocacy, and where she now serves as board chair. Jenni then joined the National Network of Abortion Funds as Communications Director and Chief Technology Officer with the goal of transforming national paradigms about abortion through strategic communications, digital mapping, and innovative data sharing.

After serving as Communications Director for the National Public Education Support Fund and the Partnership for the Future of Learning to make narrative shifts towards racial equity and meaningful learning in public education, she recently branched out to devote her time more fully to her consulting practice.

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