Winning Racial Justice in Our Schools

All year, public schools across the country have been roiled by attacks on critical race theory that aim to roll back the progress that parents, youth and educators have made toward anti-racist schools that teach students the truth.

The NYU Metro Center’s Education Justice Research and Organizing Collaborative (EJ-ROC) is excited to announce a new resource for communities resisting those attacks and continuing to organize for anti-racist, culturally responsive schools: Winning Racial Justice in Our Schools: Resisting the Right Wing Attacks on Critical Race Theory. This toolkit is a one-stop shop to understand the context and motivation of the anti-CRT attacks, use effective talking points, get your message into the media, take action through local organizing, advocate for anti-racist education policies, and run for school board. Check it out on the CRE Hub today:

NYU Metro Center is releasing this toolkit as part of the National Days of Action to #TeachTruth. Go here to find out more, sign the #TeachTruth pledge, and join an action!

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