Confronting the Education Debt

A 2018 Report by Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools | “We Owe Billions to Black, Brown and Low-Income Students. It is Time to Pay Up.”

“The history of public education in the United States is both a story of great promise, and of systematic exclusion. These two realities continue side by side, today. For white, and affluent children, public education holds great promise. Black, Brown and low-income children continue to be denied access to that promise.”

Last year, the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools released a groundbreaking report that documented the severe underfunding of Title I and IDEA, two programs meant to reduce the impact of poverty on children’s ability to learn. These two programs provide needed resources to 30 million school children. From their inception, Congress has never fully funded either program. Also see the film, “Better Days are Coming,” a call to Congress to fully fund Title I.

Confronting Education Debt AROS cover

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