Stuart McIntyre

Community Learning Center Organizer Ohio Federation of Teachers

Stuart McIntyre is statewide Community Learning Center Organizer with the Ohio Federation of Teachers. He provides coaching and technical assistance to educators and community leaders exploring & implementing the model, and facilitates a statewide peer-to-peer learning community of practitioners. Raised in the heart of the Midwest in Columbus, Ohio, Stuart inherited a deep sense of compassion, curiosity and a strong moral compass from his family, leading him to pursue a career in advocacy and community organizing. He attended Columbus Public Schools, and The Ohio State University, where upon graduation, he co-founded the Ohio Student Association in 2012. Under his leadership, the OSA trained thousands of young leaders, growing into a social movement and civic engagement powerhouse. Stuart has since co-founded and co-led several statewide organizations and initiatives, all with the purpose of empowering everyday people to build social capacity, and transform their communities. As an Ohio public school graduate and the son of an Ohio public school teacher, Stuart’s life has been shaped by the transformative power of community-centered public schools. His perspective on his work is informed by the old saying: “it takes a village to raise a child”. He views the Community Learning Center model as an effort to bring the “village” back into the school building, and foster the capacity of communities to build social power. Stuart’s background in organizing and social movements, particularly through working alongside many young people of color, have led him to see the CLC model as a path toward racial and economic equity as well as social justice.