Julia Daniel

Julia Daniel

Graduate Student Researcher National Education Policy Center

Julia Daniel is a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Foundations, Policy & Practice at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is committed to community organizing, having worked in organizing Florida around issues of racial, gender and economic justice. Most of this work centered on ending the schoolhouse-to-jailhouse pipeline for Black and Latino students in Miami by working with impacted young people in demanding alternatives such as restorative justice. She holds an B.A. in Sociology from New College of Florida and an M.A. in Urban Education Policy from Brown University.

Press Clippings:

New York City offers some unpleasant truths about school improvement, Washington Post, 2019.

Invigorating student life in India, Stanford News, 2018.

Students perform better at schools offering extra services on campus, study finds, EdSource, 2017.

Keywords: Community schools, Racial justice, Public education