Irv Richardson

Coordinator for Public Education and School Support NEA-New Hampshire

Irv Richardson is currently the Coordinator for Public Education and School Support at NEA-New Hampshire. In this role, he provides professional learning opportunities for New Hampshire educators. In addition to providing statewide conferences for educators, Irv is collaborating with others to implement performance-based assessments to replace standardized tests – a project known as Performance Assessment of Competency Education. Irv is also working with the National Collaborative for Digital Equity to make educational research and information on best practices more accessible to educators. Irv has particular interest in alternative assessment practices and in systems of support for educators.

In addition to his work with NEA-New Hampshire, Irv also teaches at Southern New Hampshire University in the Educational Leadership Doctoral and Masters programs focusing on student centered missions and vision, student-centered learning and an introduction to educational research.

He has experience as an elementary classroom teacher, principal, a state department of education consultant and as a consultant where he worked on projects such as Teacher Quality Enhancement grants, educator mentoring and induction, the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders, the National Educational Leadership Preparation Standards, the 2011 (Interstate Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) Standards, and the InTASC Learning Progressions.

Irv was Maine’s Teacher of the Year in 1988 and received a National Educator Award from the Milken Foundation in 1993.

Keywords: Teacher workforce, School funding, Public education (broadly), Education policy, Student-centered learning
Student-friendly assessment