About Us

We are a network of educators, advocates, leaders and supporters dedicated to an affirmative, equitable, evidence-based vision of a remodeled education system where:

1. Learning is meaningful.

Students achieve deeper learning outcomes through student-centered approaches and structures.

2. Public education is modernized.

Schools and public systems are renovated and resourced to deliver meaningful learning for every student, readying all for effective participation in a diverse democracy and evolving economy.

3. Communities and educators are powerful.

Local communities, students and educators have voice in shaping and governing their education systems, so that public schools are reaffirmed as essential and strong cornerstones of every community.

Our History

In 2012, at a meeting of the Education Funders Strategy Group an inquiry was made – were there other funders thinking about how a different set of guiding values might lead to a different set of educational policies that would help grow and support “New Models” of learning? Conversation led to clarity: The dominant narrative about education was flawed and we needed a better way to articulate a powerful vision for the future of learning.

Movement Strategy Center supported development of a long-term strategy to build field alignment amongst organizations and like-minded efforts with common values and a common agenda.

The Partnership for the Future of Learning (the Partnership) is composed of 14 foundations and more than 50 networks, organizations, districts, and institutions. The Partnership is committed to working multilaterally. We must see ourselves as part of a larger constellation of efforts seeking to move education in a powerful and pragmatic direction. We work to understand how like-minded efforts can come together to advance a shared vision with courage and boldness. The success of our efforts rest on the extent to which aligned communities and educational actors are able to move from being a collection of hundreds of soloists to a coordinated harmonizing choir across hundreds of stages.

The National Public Education Support Fund (NPESF) is the organizational and fiduciary home to the Partnership for the Future of Learning. NPESF is a hub for convening and connecting influential leaders in education philanthropy, advocacy, research, policy, and practice.